This is Our Final Destination: Do You Have the Right Map?

By John Busuego

How important is it to have the right map? I recall the days traveling across the country with my family, on these epic road trips to visit relatives in Illinois, driving hundreds of miles from the warm coast of California, through the mountain ranges of Colorado and across the undulating terrain of the Mid-west.

Long before the days of smart phones and GPS dashboard attachments – you know the ones where the robotic-like lady voice told you to make a U-turn one too many times, yes those…we had a map, a hard copy printed map. A Rand McNally map that you could buy at the gas station. This one was crispy and tattered: one my father had someone hand him, and it was a grand old piece of equipment we never traveled without. It listed all the highways, backroads, towns and major cities. And when we hit a city that we were not familiar with, we also had a map of the area. It seemed simple enough that by having the right map, we could travel hundreds of miles, and without the slightest deviation could make it to our final destination.


How often do we turn to others, self-help books, or do-it-yourself videos on YouTube for direction and guidance in this life? Or do we use the Bible as our guiding map or moral compass? I find that I treat it as another “app,” conveniently tucked away in a folder. I am convicted. Why have I been using it merely to seek out answers to find places I have not ventured to. I may have it all wrong. How do I even know what the right direction is in life, and how am I using God’s Word to provide the poignant direction towards salvation?


It seems that our lives are directed by the things we feel are “right” to do. We use these as proverbial landmarks to inform us that we are on our way to reaching where we need to go. It may have been imposed by our parents, the church we grew up in, or even what society tells us. How often do we feel that getting a college degree, marrying our spouses and raising our children in the church still doesn’t feel enough or sufficient? That our road map of life hits some sort of speed bump, and we scratch our heads and ask ourselves, “am I even going the right way?”


I recall the conversation Thomas had with Jesus and the other disciples about the Father’s house. Thomas did not understand and asked Jesus, “we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?” Jesus replied, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:4-6 – NIV). In this word, we can begin to understand why we have the Word. Not only does God describe the direction, he explicitly describes the final destination!


So be encouraged; we are going the right way! We have the right map, and we know what our final destination is. We want to see Jesus. We want our family to see Jesus. We want others to see Jesus and know what everlasting life is. We have the right tools, and we have the know-how to get there.

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