A Journey Through the Psalms

By Aaron Elder

I’m not completely sure why, but I’ve felt a strong desire to write about the Psalms. I do know that over the past 3 years or so, I have found great joy in reading the Psalms. I think what has drawn me in particular is that we probably get the most real, tangible and obvious display of emotion than anywhere else in the Bible. It is definitely there in other places, but it is front and center in the Psalms.

Personally, I think American Christians struggle with what to do with emotions. We’re often not given permission to deal with negative emotions in particular so we suppress them only to see them come out in highly destructive ways in the future. I think we need the whole Bible as much today as ever, and I think the Psalms may be as important as any book to our spiritual and emotional well-being.

So I want to take a journey through the Psalms. One at a time. I’m not a theologian so I will not be writing a commentary. What I will be doing is reading them and, based on a number of factors, I’m going to respond. You’ll get to know some patterns in how I think and you’ll get a sense of what I’m working through in my everyday life. I will also likely being throwing in some other thoughts in between.

What I hope to give through this process is two-fold: 1) Permission to walk into your emotions in a healthy way knowing that God is strong enough and loving enough to handle all of them and 2) An invitation to look beyond the surface. We’re used to making Scripture fit into our own systematic theology and frankly, it just isn’t that simple. I hope you feel me challenging your systematic theology because, well, mine is challenged with every Psalm I read.

With that – enjoy!

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