Psalm 2 – Rise?

By Aaron Elder

This psalm (and many more to come) has some strong language regarding God’s judgment. My concern with this kind of language is that, through years of reading and hearing it taught in certain ways, my heart has become callous toward it. When I read this psalm, I think, “I’m glad I’m one of the blessed by taking refuge in God.” And I become quite comfortable with the idea of God judging and destroying “other” people. You know, the wicked_________. Fill in the blank with those I hate most.

If I’m reading this psalm and a person or people group comes to mind who will definitely be dashed to pieces, I’m in dangerous waters.

The issue here isn’t simply that they don’t believe a certain way about God, but rather the manner in which they rail against God by how they treat those made in His image. They degrade, oppress, and kill all in the name of money and power. This lust for empire would ultimately result in the rightful king, Jesus, being put to death on a cross. It was that cross that became his coronation and his crowning as the heir of all nations.

If I read this psalm and fail to see the power of the humility of the cross, I’m in danger, myself, of playing the role of the oppressor. If I am peering down at others because of my spiritual superiority am I not rising up like the kings of verse 2?

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