Psalm 15 – Shaken or Stirred

By Aaron Elder

How would you like your Christianity? Shaken or stirred? Let’s be clear, I know almost nothing about mixed drinks. Here’s what I do know – in order for a mixed drink to taste good, you have to do one or the other. I’ve been a Christian for nearly 18 years. I’ve spent the bulk of those years searching for the right recipe. You know, the Holy Spirit recipe with all the right fruit.

Psalm 15 is one such recipe card. It is so very clear. It reads like this: Verse 2 + Verse 3 + Verse 4 + Verse 5a = Verse 5b. It even says, “Whoever does these things will never be shaken.” (NIV) The troubling realization I’ve been coming to is that all along I’ve been searching for a what (Christianity to make my life work) and not a who (Jesus).

If I’m perfectly honest, the equation of Psalm 15 hasn’t worked. Actually… let me rephrase that. My version of Christianity that has an equation for everything has been exposed for what it is – fraudulent. I read this Psalm and I think “if I put in the right inputs, the output is…I’ll never be shaken.” I’ve also come to a conclusion about what “never shaken” means. No job failure. No family tragedy. No wayward child. No marital trials. No crisis of faith. In fact, to experience these would be a flashing red light that my inputs are off – I’m doing it wrong. I turned Jesus into an equation and asked him to play along. Maybe this is why traditional prayer is hard for me these days.

Here’s what I know now: Jesus has taken my Christianity and shaken it – somewhat vigorously. Wait, doesn’t the Psalm say, “you won’t be shaken?” Yes. But, shaken from what? Exactly. Shaken from what. In order to find who. Who? Yes. Exactly.

So what will it be? Will you take your Christianity shaken or stirred? I’ll take either – as long as it’s served on the Rock.

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