Psalm 27 – Faces

I opened Your words and my heart cried 

“Seek his face!” Your face I will seek. 

I sought your face 

– it was for sale. 

12 ½ for him and 205 for Jim. 

When it was no longer for sale

it held still before my eyes 

still like a picture 

hung in a museum. 

I sought your face again and I found it dirty.

You passed north through the waters

and still your face looked dirty 

– it was always that way. 

Vinegar and Kerosene for your baptism

pesticide to anoint your head. 

I sought your face again and beheld it. 

Yes I held it seeing what Elijah saw. 

And then you were gone. 

Even as I held you, you were hidden.

How did we get here?

I beg when I seek your face

May it not be 

at the expense of yours

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