Psalm 29 – Hiding

“Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide…” these words are from a lesser known Britney Spears song titled, “Sometimes.” I give you full license to judge my music selection as I have now quoted from the lyrics of two pop divas. Despite that, these words do describe a tendency in my own heart to run and/or hide from God just like Adam and Eve.

If God sits enthroned over the flood why do we have devastating natural disasters? If the Lord gives strength to his people why are we experiencing a worldwide pandemic? What often follows this line of questioning is a profanity-laced tirade about the injustice or indifference of God amidst human devastation. And while God is ready and willing to receive it all, I often ask these kinds of questions to mask the questions I’ve learned not to ask.

Like this one: If the Lord blesses his people with peace, why do I struggle with anxiety about anything and everything? The thing is… I don’t have to tell you which questions I’m referring to – you already know them because you’ve been waiting for permission to ask them. 

Here’s good news: you can ask them. An important part of this is finding a group of fellow believers willing to wade into the deep end with you. And as I read the rest of Psalm 29 (vv. 1-9) I’m left with this question: If this God can’t answer my questions, who can?

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