Psalm 32 – Elusive

I have found writing about forgiveness to be elusive. 

I want it to be simple. It is. And it isn’t. 

Because right thinking is the god I worship

 confession says, “I believed wrongly” 

and the experience of forgiveness says, “Now I believe rightly.”

While I boast in forgiveness

It remains elusive to those who seek it

Because their thinking is wrong about how many angels fit on the head of a pin.

Is it true that he is blessed whose sins are covered?

Are they covered by the shade of my border walls?

Or detained in a warehouse without the sun?

With no light to shine on them

These walls hem in my shame.

And so… I pass my sin to you

But like a tree in the storm crashing down on your home

Those roots are stuck with me.

There’s at least one thing to understand

It will remain elusive

While I elude my fellow man

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