Building a Band

First of all, in full disclosure, we didn’t build this Band – God did. Now if that sounds “hyper-spiritual,” really it’s not. I’m just attempting to give glory where it is due. Truly, our Father formed this thing.

Our local Band of Brothers began several months ago, as a few of the men from our small group expressed a desire to go deeper in relationship with each other. Many of us had experienced the dangers of the isolation we men are prone to. The world tells us we should be tough and self sufficient. Even as Christian men who long to love, protect, and provide for our wives and children, we believe that if we need help to do those things, we are somehow weak and deficient.

It actually takes a lot of courage to finally admit you need help – that you can’t “Lone Ranger” it anymore. I am proud to be part of a group of men whom I consider Brothers – men who are not afraid to open their hearts and lives to one another and be vulnerable. Men who are courageous enough to do whatever is necessary to honor their Lord and love their families. Men who bear each other’s burdens and spur each other on.

What does this look like? It could actually take many forms, which is the beauty of this model of Christian brotherhood. In the case of our group, we meet once a week, early on Saturday morning, at a local coffee shop. The agenda is uncomplicated. We each come prepared to give a report – to share our battles, our burdens, or our victories. Then we go around the circle and pray for each other. It’s that simple … and it has been powerful!

The sharing is not always deep and momentous, but sometimes it is. And the best part of it all is that I know beyond doubt that when I need it, I have a group of brothers who truly have my back … and that has made all the difference!