Aaron Elder

Through the twists and turns of a failed business venture as a financial advisor, I find myself in Longmont, CO, arms-length from the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. With me are my wife, Joanna, and my kids, Hannah, Gideon, Nora and baby (due May 2020). I now work as a department manager for a small insurance brokerage company in Boulder, CO. Our journey getting here has been a move from certainty to uncertainty about our life and future. Our life could be summarized in this way: Embracing that uncertainty as a gift and enjoying all that Northern Colorado has to offer. With joy and humility, my desire is to lead and serve my family well – one step at a time.

Elder 1

John Busuego

I am a second-generation Filipino-American.  I was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States in 1985 at three years old.   My father joined the United States Marine Corps to bring my mom and brother stateside.  I am the only one of my three siblings that was born outside the U.S.  I gained my U.S. citizenship at 14-years old and consider that one of the proudest moments of my life.

I grew up in southern California and commissioned as an Chemical Officer in the United States Army after graduating college.   I am career officer and married my college sweetheart, formerly Kristin Simcox of Cypress, CA.  We have three beautiful and energetic children.  Greyson, Harper, and Max (and Coco – our Chocolate Labrador who we consider our “first child”).  We spend a lot of days enjoying good food, exploring new places, and learning fun board games.

Since I can remember, my family and I always went to church.  We grew up Assemblies of God and Christ was center in our house.  Despite going to church and learning about God, I do not think I fully accepted Christ into my life until the age of 12 after watching the old, “The Fire and Brimstone” musicals that our church used to host in the early 90’s.  I cannot even picture a life without a relationship with Christ and where I would be today.

As a military family, we move every few years and have experienced living in different places.  It is challenging in a myriad of ways but we always feel that the Lord leads us to where we need to be at the exact moment and time. In a way, we have considered it our ministry to love and fellowship with believers all over the country and world.

Busuego Family

Rand Kreycik

In January 2015, after decades of living as a nominal Christian, Rand came to the end of himself and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. His great desire now is to love God with his whole heart, love his wife and children faithfully and fiercely, and to invest his gifts and talents for the glory of God for the rest of his days. Rand lives with his wife Jodi and three daughters in Moscow, Idaho. His son serves as a combat engineer in the U.S. Army. The Kreyciks love their church, going on adventures in their tiny travel trailer, and trying to keep up with their kids’ busy lives.